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Judith Gordon's colouring book. Local artist Judith Gordon has produced a collection of sixteen pen and ink drawings of the Reserve. The book has been created with the aim of giving you high quality outline drawings that you can, if you wish, colour with pens or pencils. Each picture is printed in A4 premium quality bond paper, and is an ideal size for framing.

Three histories of the Selborne Society have been written:

The Selborne Society: its origins and history by Michael Blackmore (1985)

Pioneers of conservation : the Selborne Society and the RSPB by Richard Clark (2004)

A history of the Selborne Society by Michael Blackmore and Rae Hall (2011)

Plus a special edition of the Selborne magazine "A Gilbert White centenary booklet to illustrate the aims and work of the Selborne Society"

Flora of Perivale Wood by Nic Ferriday assisted by Peter Edwards. An account of the non-tree vascular plants of Perivale Wood Local Nature Reserve. Published by the Selborne Society in 2008.

pictureA prized possession: A facsimile of the manuscript of Gilbert White's Calendar of flora 1766. The original in in the Society's collection held in the Linnean Society's Library in London.

Click here to see the whole manuscript.




You can download a plain text version of Gilbert White's The Natural History of Selborne from Project Gutenberg

wildlife in the suburbsWildlife in the Suburbs is a general book about Perivale Wood and the surrounding area. It is somewhat out of date now,the third edition having been published in 1997. However, it still gives a good idea of what to look for in the Reserve, as well as a brief history of the Selborne Society and the Gilbert White connection.

It is available at a nominal cost from the hut in the Reserve on Open Day and at regular meetings.






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